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Reds look to secure own deal on TV Rights

The Liverpool brand has always been attractive to overseas supporters and the club have decided that the split of TV Rights monies does not reflect the drawing power.

At present overseas TV revenue is split between all the Premier League teams and it has been muted by the 'big clubs'that the current system is not equitable.

The Premier League sides each receive around £18million from the overseas TV contract, which is due to end in 2013. The current deal, which runs from 2010 to 2013 is worth £1.4billion.

Ian Ayre, Liverpool’s commercial guru has broken ranks and has put forward the argument that they could be making far more if they negotiatated their own deals.

Manchester United and Liverpool is the most famous English football team. They sell more merchandise for Adidas than any other club (including Real Madrid), they’re still arguably the most popular club side in Africa, and have recently begun making in-roads into the Asian market

The top clubs to continue to grow within the European market and satisfy the EUFA fair play rules must increase revenue streams. Real Madrid and Barcelona already negotiate their own TV deals, allowing them to make double what Premier League clubs manage.

Barcelona are reported to make £156million a year from their current TV contract, whilst Real Madrid earns slightly less with £139million. One can imagine the big boys in England trembling at this type of income (for example: this year Premier League teams received approx £14million – domestic, and £18million – overseas: totalling around £22million).


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