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Plymouth deal on edge as Peter Reid holds fire on decision

Football News 24/7
The plans of local usinessman James Brent  to take Plymouth Argyle out of administration could yet be dashed.

Former Plymouth Argyle boss Peter Reid has still to sign an agreement that is key to a proposed takeover of the club. Players and staff have not been paid properly for almost a year and Brent needs agreement with all past and present staff to do a deal.

"There's a handful outstanding, but most are related to people being away on holiday," Brent told BBC South West.

Reid was sacked by acting chairman Peter Ridsdale last month after Argyle failed to win a match.

Brent continued: "Wednesday is pay day, that's the crunch date and we're sitting here with piles of paper and waiting for our counterparts to sign and most of them have or will," he said.

The PFA got the documentation on Thursday and out of 255 staff and 46 players we're down to a handful who still have to sign. It's been outstanding so far

On Friday the BBC reported that Reid and former operations director Tony Campbell had still to agree a deal.

However it is understood that Campbell has signed, or will do so shortly.

If a deal cannot be done by Wednesday Brent says it is unlikely that staff and players will agree to another deferral of their wages.

"They would quite rightly have an expectation that all parties wouldn't have to suffer another wage deferral," he said.

Plymouth are still propping up the football league despite improved form since Reid departed. The former Sunderland boss was understood to be unhappy after using his own money at times last season with the way he was eventually treated. As in cases like this the 'last man standing' has the most persuasive case. Reid may well yet settle but he is not a poor man by anyone' s standards and as a man of principal from past evidence his stance has to be a worry to the prospective Argyle owners.


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