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Do supporters want promotion and relegation from the Premier League?

The debate continues about who has the power in the Premier League given the concern that football is about making money for club owners and with so many clubs in foreign ownership, a close shop would certainly remove any risk of loosing valuable TV revenues.

Recently Richard Bevan, chief executive of the League Managers’ Association, stated that some of the foreign owners in the Barclays Premier League want to abolish the relegation and promotion system in the top flight sparking great debate within English football circles. Liverpool’s American owner John Henry has already dismissed the idea as “complete nonsense,” telling The Associated Press it “hasn’t been discussed”. His view has been shared by a host of club stakeholders.

However Premier League chief Richard Scudamore has slammed suggestions that the concept of relegation and promotion could be scrapped, dismissing the idea as “scare-mongering”.

Scudamore in an interview with Sky Sports News said “It's just a nonsensical starting point…it's scare-mongering of the worst order in my view. There is absolutely no appetite for it. You just can't make statements without being able to back it up. I'm probably the person sitting with the most evidence. I speak to the clubs on a regular basis. I speak to all the owners - both foreign and British - on a very regular basis and there's no appetite for it whatsoever.”

Scudamore said promotion and relegation was the “lifeblood” of English football but with Liverpool as an example looking to build a new stadium it would certainly tick a big box for potential stakeholders if TV revenues were guarenteed.

What do the fans think?


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