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Chelsea in line for new boss

Mark Hughes, speaking at the Leaders in Football conference at Stamford Bridge this week, admits he would one day love to be Chelsea manager.

Hughes scored 39 goals in 123 appearances for the Stamford Bridge outfit in the 1990s helping the club win the FA Cup, Cup Winners' Cup and League Cup before embarking on a career in management that has seen him take charge of Wales, Blackburn, Manchester City and most recently Fulham.

Hughes left Craven Cottage last season after turning down a contract extension, and would love to take the reigns when current Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas moves on.

"It would be very nice," Hughes told Chelsea TV. "Chelsea is the club I have a very special affinity for. Obviously I had a fantastic time here as a player.

The Chelsea board were critisised this week by some Blues fans for the plans they unveiled which could see the club leave Stamford Bridge. Fans have reacted angrily to the club's offer to buy the shares owned by the Chelsea Pitch Owners group, who bought shares in Stamford Bridge to protect the ground from being sold off to property investors in the 1990s.

Hughes though gave his tentative backing to the scheme, saying: "Football is a big business. I think every business and football club has to have contingency plans and they have to have an understanding of what may happen in the future, from what I gather that's what is being investigated."

The club insist that they merely want to own the entire ground so they could relocate if a new stadium was an option in the future to keep the club in the top echelon of football.


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