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Adverse reaction to Tevez decision - what fans think


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The Tevez affair rumbles on and the PFA have not come out of this smelling of roses whatever the rules.

Manchester City are furious with players' union chief executive Gordon Taylor after he forced them to halve CarlosTevez's £800,000 fine. City had no choice but to make the embarrassing climbdown when the PFA backed Tevez in the bitter dispute. City issued a scathing statement.

The statement read:

 'Manchester City have received notification from the PFA that they will not support a four-week fine. The club acknowledge that the players' union are the sole organisation empowered with granting the ability for clubs to levy fines greater than the two weeks provided for in player contracts. 

'However, Manchester City are disappointed by the apparent PFA conflict of interest evident in this process. Carlos Tevez has been personally represented throughout by the PFA chief executive, on whose considerations the club have been informed that the PFA have made their decision.

The club's disbelief is shared by the fans. Here are some of the views on the subject from yesterday

'Apart from all the surrounding evidence against Tevez, what does the video of him sitting on the bench with his arms crossed defiantly as he clearly mouths the word NO mean Gordon Taylor?' 

'Absolutely, Gordon Taylor should be ashamed of himself and PFA for the stance he's taken.'

'I wonder what players playing in the championship and other lower leagues that also pay Mr. Taylors wages think about subsidising Tevez in his dispute? Tevez would earn in a week more than what many would dream of getting for the season, but I am sure they would also chew their managers leg off for a chance to play in the Champions League! '
Grow up Carlos!


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