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Scottish Football in decline

This week we have seen both the old firm teams of Rangers and Celtic struggling. With Rangers facing the prospect of going into Administration if their appeal fails against the taxman, Hearts unable to pay player wages and the SPL loosing the Clydesdale Bank as headline sponsor.

Scottish football is facing the greatest ever fight for survival that has been seen in the game's history.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys on their talksport radio show interviewed one of Scotland's foremost experts on football finances who admitted the game in Scotland is at crisis point.

Stephen Morrow is head of the department of sport studies at Stirling University and the author of several books on Scottish football's fluctuating finances didn't shy away from the fact there has to be concern when Hearts can't pay their players, Dunfermline shut a stand because they can't afford to open it to their customers and the SPL loses its sponsor.

Morrow went on to say "I can remember as far back as the 60s when I wrote that Scottish football was existing in a state of stable poverty.

"But now in the new millennium I have to admit there are legitimate grounds for concern about the game's immediate future.

"The difference between then and now is that the economic climate in the country is so unfavourable.

"The football business was struggling anyway but there are now real issues that can't be ignored.

"The game is used to operating on break-even margins but now it really is about survival.

Let hope the picture changes as Football in Scotland is part of the countries herritage.


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