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Ridsdale asks for Plymouth fans support

The Football League confirmed Argyle had come out of administration on Monday, after the takeover of Argyle by James Brent's Green Pilgrim Limited and Peter Ridsdale  appealed for for stay-away supporters to return to the fold now the future of the League Two club has been secured.

Over 5,000 fans turned up for the home game against high flying Morecambe last Saturday.

The change of ownership brought to an end a seven month saga that has seen a change of manager with Peter Reid's departure and Ridsdale admitted the club had been "very close a few times" to being liquidated.

Argyle's attendances at Home Park have held up reasonably well this season given league position and the chairman of football operations Ridsdale hopes the local community including businesses will rally round to re-build the club's fortunes.

As Risdale told the local newspaper

"People have got to trust us to get it right on the pitch, because everything in football is driven from what happens on the pitch.

"The more successful you are, the more people want to come and watch you.


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