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PFA finding it hard to defend Tevez over Manchester City saga

PFA boss Gordon Taylor is a proud ambassador of the beautiful game but even he has had enough of Carlos Tevez taking the "Michael". While the much respected head of the PFA was picking up an award at the North West Football awards on Monday evening for services to the game, Tevez was ignoring his employers to report for fitness training and playing golf in Argentina.

What must the hard working fans of Manchester City think who week in week out pay their hard up cash to pay the reported £200,000 week the Argentina is paid.

Taylor has robustly defended Tevez but even his advocate skills are running out patience.

Whilst the likes of Roberto Mancini had put a line under the Bayern Munich episode and offered an olive branch if Tevez would apologise, the Argentinian thinks he is still in the driving seat.

City have deep pockets and Tevez may find that he becomes a football outcast, let alone the legal action that could pursue for breach of contract and devalued transfer fee.


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