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New coaching franchise offers opportunity

A football coaching programme for pre-school children is proving to be so popular its developers are ready to roll out their franchise model across the country.

Footytotz offers early years play programmes for children aged two to five.

The programme developed by Charles Orr and Shirley Booth, who also run soccer school Footy4Kidz provides education and healthy development for young children.

The hour-long session involves setting up an obstacle course that represents a topic or story of the day, then a warm-up game, a main game and a penalty shoot-out.

Booth added

“Younger children have a small attention span, so we had to come up with a programme that was special, which will keep them fit and help them learn. The most important thing for us was to link the football session with education.”

The sessions in Marple, Stockport proved to be so popular that 200 children participated with 15 casual coaches leading the sessions.


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