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Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson provides shining example

In the current climate in the game not many, if any, manager will challenge Sir Alex Ferguson's twenty five year milestone of managing a top Premier League club.

"In the modern football era it is truly an amazing achievement," said Jesse Young CEO of Per DM Group

"Loyalty and patience are not two words we would equate with football today."

The recruitment guru sees many parallels between managing a successful football club, such as Manchester United, and managing a business.

"When Sir Alex took over United in 1986 he had to completely overhaul the club. A route and branch approach was necessary to strip back the layers of waste and underachieving sections of the club."
The changes were unpopular with the fans and for many years did not deliver the success wanted.
The key to success was to invest in talent as with any other successful business. His philosophy was to create your own pipeline of future stars. Today United's youth policy is one of the best in the world.

"It is that kind of clarity of thinking and having the courage of your convictions which separated Sir Alex Ferguson from the rest," said Young.

"Business leaders can learn from his approach. Too many directors seem incapable of making the changes necessary to ensure the survival or continued success of their companies,"

Whether you are an up and coming managing or director of a fledgling company Sir Alex Ferguson's business model is the envy of the world.


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