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Job Title

Area Manager for Stadium betting company

Job Description

The role requires someone who has worked in the betting industry and has previous experience of working around sports events where betting is offered.
The successful applicant will become a brand ambassador leader for gambling companies dealing with customers who bet at sports events and will not only manage multiple staff but will manage relationships with gambling brands.

Applicant must have

- Degree in sports marketing to at least 2:1 level
- one year experience within sports sponsorship management
- 3 years experience working in the betting industry
- at least 1 years experience working as a betting cashier at a sports arena / stadium
- proven ability to settle bets and conflicts in betting industry
- event management experience including proven experience of recruiting / managing staff
- proven customer services experience (at least 1 year customer facing experience)
- IT literacy
- a car (appropriate expenses paid)
- based in London
- ability to work from home

Other Considerations

- willingness to travel abroad to work for long periods of time
- flexible hours around sporting events with no set pattern and work during bank holidays / weekends
- a proactive approach toward day-to-day activities and the ability to work remotely.
-Proven to perform well under pressure and meet time sensitive deadlines
- Driven to be successful and able to accept/lead change
- A positive, winning attitude, incorporating integrity, confidentiality and discretion
- Strong interpersonal and business communication skills with the ability to provide constructive feedback


£25,000 pa
Expenses paid

The role will mean working at many sports events before and after they begin / end - so unsociable hours expected.

Please send a CV and covering letter to john.lee@bdsport.co.uk

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