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Fifa's sponsors are out of touch with the fans

In the World Cup finals in South Africa last year the corporate messages were bombarded to every level of your consciousness of the tune from the Coca-Cola television commercial playing in your head.

Even in Africa, where Premier League football shirts were available for all to see, the footprint of the Fifa corporate partners was everywhere. From Adidas, Coca-Cola, Emirates, Hyundai, Sony, Visa their commercials were played on stadium screens, television and at airports.

The sponsors pay Fifa £15m a year for the privilige.

The fans out cry and disbelief about stories about the Terry-Ferdinand and the Suarez-Evra cases were analysed by the likes of John Barnes, Gus Poyet and for a couple of days Blatter wiped everything off the football agenda and everyone had a view.

Everyone, that is, apart from those Fifa partners.

While the rest of the country knew exactly what they thought about Blatter comments these six companies who could force changes at Fifa let the fans down.


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