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Do the German's have edge over Premier League Stars

With so much adverse publicity about how Premier League stars conduct themselves it is refreshing to look at a World Cup winner that has taken the bacon. 
German star Uli Hoeness explains why an international football legend would end up trying to make his name in sausages. Hoeness helped Germany to World Cup success in 1974 in West Germany and then managed Bayern Munich on its path to becoming one of Europe’s biggest clubs.

But now, he is also a man with a beef, not the Carlos Tevez type, or should that be pork?

His bratwurst company, now sells to 20 European countries as well as the USA.

“Well,” he says, straightening up and running his hands over a bulging white shirt wedged into smart black jeans,

“look at me – I like good food, I like meat. I think eating is an important part of culture. I’ve rarely seen a vegan in a good mood.”

The company produces to 5m sausages a day, yielding annual revenues of about €45m and as he explains “Doing business with McDonald’s is like being knighted,” he smiles. “My dream is to do a deal with McDonald’s in the USA.”

Perhaps if he does he may be used a role model for some unhappy Premier League players.


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