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Aston Villa on the move

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The Midland club have teamed up with Blackburn Rovers in signing up with Warwickshire travel firm the Travel Management Group.

The company, which employs more than 60 staff, has a sports division which specialises in football travel and has this season worked with Birmingham and Fulham including making arrangement for European travel.

The company may not be the largest player in its league  but it is proving to be a real winner and in the last 25 years they have catered for the travel arrangements for 34 clubs including Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Newcastle, as well as England supporters, and currently organises the Asia Trophy for the Premier League.

Chairman of TMG Ian Dunwoody explains 

“We have always believed in having a mixed business. It’s like an oil tanker which has various watertight compartments. If one gets holed, then the others keep the ship afloat.

“We are known for sport because of the high profile of football and also the names we have looked after, but while it has been 80-90 per cent of the fun, it has never been more than around 15 per cent of the business.

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