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A lesson for Scottish football elite

The question is whether football elite should follow Brad Pitt's example in his latest film, especially at a time when the economic climate is forcing clubs all over the world to seek better value for money.

The film, in which Pitt plays Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team, will draw parallels with coaches and beleaguered chairmen worldwide.

In one scene, he is having breakfast with his young daughter when she turns to him and says across the kitchen table

“Daddy, do you think you’ll lose your job?”

Beane has admitted that it is “hard not to be romantic about baseball”, the national pastime, but he proved that it was worth the effort, as it might be in Scottish football, which also tends to overestimate the importance of tradition.

Bill Gerrard, a professor of Sport Management and Finance at Leeds University Business School, says that the principles advocated by Beane would be ideal for Scotland’s impoverished clubs.

“The story of Scottish history is about taking on bigger neighbours and occasionally winning. That’s the story of Moneyball.”


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