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United top Premier League revenue income whilst Blackpool finish bottom

Manchester United Football Club finished with £60.4m from Barclays Premier League TV rights and reward money this season, more than any other club.

Blackpool, who were relegated at Old Trafford on Sunday, finished bottom with £39.1m, although the Premier League can boast the smallest ratio difference between the top and bottom club, currently just 1.54 from United compared to Blackpool.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said: ''We believe that our income distribution mechanism, the most equitable of Europe's major football leagues, rewards sporting success while also guaranteeing a significant amount to each club in order that they can plan from one season to the next.

''Many have commented on the competitive nature of this season's Barclays Premier League."

Under the Premier League’s current TV deal, clubs receive a fixed £13.8m each of domestic rights and £17.9m in overseas rights.  Clubs also receive a guaranteed minimum of £5.82m for their live games and £756,000 for each place.


Scott Hobro

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