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Liverpool increase ticket prices

Liverpool FC have matched rivals Arsenal in increasing the season ticket and matchday prices for next season. The price rise is at 6.5%, the same as Arsenal who announced their increase ticket prices a fortnight ago.

And with the prospect of no European football, tickets at Anfield will be high demand. However there is better news for the younger Liverpool fans. Under 16’s ticket prices have been cut to ensure they are not priced out of visiting Anfield.

The lowest price for a season ticket in the Kop end is now £725 with the highest in the Centenary and Main Stands which are priced at £802. Matchday tickets on the Kop are increased by £1 while it is a £2 increase on the other stands making the cheapest matchday price £39 and the most expensive £48. Meanwhile the childs prices have dropped £8 to £15 for all matches/

Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre said: "This is the fairest level of increase we can offer."

"We have taken a considered view on these prices, taking into account the state of the economy, our ability to compete in a competitive football market and our aspirations for the 2011-12 season. We believe that this rise represents the fairest level of increase we could offer, whilst helping to ensure we maintain our significantly reduced debt position and our aspirations to improve our playing squad. We believe this will allow us to be competitive and maintain our ability to challenge our main competitors, many of whom have significantly higher capacities at this time.” Ayre added.

Keith Jelley, of the Liverpool Supporters Club, said: It'll be a disappointed reaction from fans but I think it is fair.Arsenal have already mentioned that they're doing it. It will be the case across the Premier League. Not many will stay the same. We are still relatively cheap. Look at Arsenal and Chelsea. Even tickets at Fulham were £48 the other night."

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