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FIFA outline goal line technology future

FIFA has invited goal-line technology companies to submit their systems with a two stage testing process to go ahead over the next 12 months.

The first stage of testing will take place from September to December 2011 with the shortlisted companies then undergoing further tests from March to June 2012 before results are discussed at an IFBA special meeting in July 2012, therefore ruling out any chance of the technology being introduce in the 2011/12 football season.

In March, The International Football Association Board (IFAB) agreed to pursue testing of the technology, with the discussion ignited yet again after Frank Lampard’s goal was allowed during the Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur match, despite the whole ball not crossing the line.

FIFA will test submitted systems on various criteria including a goal indication to referee’s watch (automatically displayed by vibration and visual signal), signal range (full coverage of the pitch and technical areas), free shots on goal (100% recognition), static accuracy test (minimum 90% correct recognition in this first phase) and dynamic accuracy test (minimum 90% correct recognition in this first phase).

The second phase of testing will add further elements such as software reliability, transmission signal quality, performance under changing weather conditions as well as on different pitch surfaces.

Companies have until June 3rd to register their interest with FIFA.


Scott Hobro

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