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Dundee FC exit administration as new chairman looks to stronger future

Dundee Football Club has exited administration and announced a new board of directors seven months after it fell into financial difficulties.

The Irn Bru Scottish Football League side will no longer be run by administrator Bryan Jackson with Stuart Murphy confirmed as the club’s new chairman. 

Chief executive Harry MacLean along with directors Jim Thomson, Mark Gallacher, Steve Martin, Scott Glenday and Maurice Kidd will also be on the board along with representatives of the Dundee FC Supporters’ Society and Dark Blues Business Trust as well as executive directors and a new financial director.

Chief executive Harry MacLean said: "The outstanding support from the fans, DFCSS, DBBT, external investment and Club activities has meant we have been able to survive the past seven months, pass a CVA and get to the stage where we can take control once again and look to a sustainable future."

"The administration period has been painful for everyone connected with the club and we can never forget that people lost jobs and money as a result of what happened. We cannot change the past, however, and we must now look to the future and begin a new chapter in the history of Dundee FC."

New chairman Stuart Murphy added: "Obviously we are delighted to be looking to the future and, on this day, want to thank the fans who raised a huge sum of money to help make this possible.

"We can't change what has gone before but it will for evermore serve as a sobering reminder of the huge responsibility this new management structure has in protecting the long term future of the football club. The people have provided a platform for us to consolidate that future and we owe it to them to ensure that's exactly what happens."


Scott Hobro

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