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Champions League Final highlights Premier League problems

The Best League In The World?

The Premiership is the highest paid league in the world but the game itself is based on physical attributes and not on a proper game of football as demonstrated for all the world to see by FC Barcelona in this weekend’s Champions League Final.
The Manchester United v Barcelona final at Wembley must not be seen as simply a game of football played by the best team in the world, called Barcelona.  There are in fact hard lessons to be learned from what took place and it would simply be unforgivable for the future of many a young player in this country if lessons were not learned about the reasons for the demise of Manchester United in this fixture.
I called the Premiership a ‘hotch potch’ league (no disrespect to the supporters) because of the makeup of most teams in the Premiership.  Just how many managers, in this particular league, are actually responsible for selecting their players or buying them directly for the club? The reason I mention this is because I have always said that standards of play depend on the quality of the player coming to the club. If some clubs in the Premiership insist on playing football to the second ball game style then don’t expect to win trophies at the highest levels of the game. 
It will always be the case that even Barcelona will have to buy in players. In general terms though the club is built on a policy of bringing up their own players but more importantly on a way of playing that is based on the first ball game. Manchester United failed because this team plays week in week out in a Premiership that is based on physical strength, forward moving pace and not on skilful play.

The misconception that it is the best league in the world is sold on the back of a forward moving game that ensures a game of football where the ball is given away a lot. The latter makes the game look busy but in fact hides the reality that it’s in fact ruled by physical attributes and not in fact by skilful play. The battling game is supported by dubious refereeing decisions that still insist on the game being played to the second ball game reality and its tackling brutality.
Using The Media
If a manager from a current team in this Premiership says on television that the supporters of the game demand that the long ball is played then sadly what he is saying in a roundabout way is that it is the supporters and not the coaches that dictate how the game should be played. This is simply astonishing.  To suggest that a supporter of the game born in 1987 should dictate how the game should be played is nonsense. The latter expression on television by any manager is simply a cop out of the reality that in effect the quality of the game here has been found wanting.
As For The Future
It is simply folly to continue to carry the flag of a forward moving mentality and its second ball long game effect at youth levels of the game. The forward moving mentality does nothing to create an effective football player that can see the bigger picture on the field of play. In my next column I will introduce the reader to a new concept of training. 

One that supports the development of any young player to play the skilful game of football and not simply hoof the ball long in support of a failed second ball game concept and its implications.  Barcelona walked away with a European trophy because their players are chosen for their talent and take part in a playing philosophy that embraces the proper game of football that should be the aspiration of all clubs. 
Martin Bidzinski 

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