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Comment: Champions League Final demands a strong referee

As coaches we work hard with the players to make them into a quality footballer but there is one overriding factor that will not go away and that’s the vested interests factor that has imposed its will on the game for years.

Is it possible to put a bias on one team winning a game of football? Yes it is! The manipulation of the football game in the name of vested interests is nothing new. We all know it’s going on and we stand by that with our heads buried deep in the sand and pretend that we are all victims of bad refereeing decisions.
2010 World Cup Final – Holland v Spain
I don’t really know your preference - Holland or Spain? I do know one thing though and it is this. As far as I am concerned the referee can ruin any final and this one did exactly that.

The referee that was in the middle final interpreted some of the tackles to his own version of the rules of the game and this version in my opinion supported one team that in effect resorted to tackles that warranted a red card but didn’t get one. What we have seen in recent years is something that should worry everyone in the game.

Namely vested interests dictating the policy of refereeing decisions. The manipulation of the refereeing part of the game whether it’s political decisions or otherwise motivated should have no place in football. As an example we have more and more referees that fear their position and therefore do not referee according to the rules of the game because they know that if they apply the rules to certain games of football that they may well find themselves out of work.

An example of that, in a recent game of football the referee rightly gave a yellow card for a tackling offence but then failed to punish a yellow card offender consequently when he committed yet another foul because if he was to apply the letter of the law he would effectively have had to send the player off on the second yellow card. When things of this nature come into the game what is the point of having a referee? What is the point of having rules? What is the point of playing football?  I mention all of this now because I would love to see a great Champions League final played on the 28th of May.
Manchester United v Barcelona
This final should be played in a manner that football will be proud of and seen as the best team game in the world, because it can be. The last thing we want is to go back to the days of kicking the best players off the park because that’s the only way any team can win. The last thing we want to see is a referee that interprets the rules in a way that places an unfair bias on one team against the other.

In this final we need a referee that will not be afraid to give a yellow card or a red card if its warranted and what we do not want is to see is a referee that turns a blind eye to bad tackles, to hand balls, to trip ups in the box, to diving and so on.

Let’s have an open and a fair game of football, one that rewards the coaches of the game for their endeavours with footballers in their care and therefore one that also rewards the players for their hard work and that does mean having a referee on the field of play that is unbiased and one that referees this game in a fair manner and not in fact in favour of the vested interests surrounding such games of which I’m sure there are many.

Martin Bidzinski

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