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Barry Town to drop out of Welsh League if a buyer is not found

Barry Town Football Club has been placed up for sale for £125,000 but could drop of the Welsh Football League if a buyer is not found.

The club, which currently sits in Division One after going into administration in 2003 with debts of £1m before being saved by current chairman Stuart Lovering but he can no longer continue to fund the club.

A statement on the club’s official site read:  "The costs of the team and playing at Jenner Park have been paid for by the current chairman since he also saved the club seven years ago – but he can no longer subsidise the first team. 

"If no buyer is found the club will continue to operate children and youth teams, as well as adult teams – but at a lower league level."

As well as paying an initial £125,000, the buyer would be required to pay £2,000 per month for three years.  No time scale was given to find a new owner.


Scott Hobro   

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