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UEFA TV deal set to help smaller nations

UEFA will go ahead with plans to centralise the television rights of all European Championship and World Cup qualifiers in a deal which will net the FA around £100m over four years.

UEFA president Michel Platini confirmed that all 53 members of UEFA have agreed to the new system in a speech at the governing body’s annual conference.

"This project is your project and I am delighted to officially announce that, as of today, everyone, without exception, is on board.  We have received the signatures of all 53 national associations," Platini said.  

Platini argued that the new system will be fairer on smaller nations who often hope for an attractive draw when selling their TV rights individually.

"You will all be able to concentrate on the football, without having to worry what the draws might throw up and whether their outcome will be favourable - or not - in terms of TV rights," Platini continued.

According to The Telegraph, the FA is the last major nation to agree to the new system only after UEFA guaranteed a minimum income of £20-25m per year, with the FA’s last four year deal which included FA Cup and competitive and friendly international games making the body £575m worldwide.


Scott Hobro

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