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Lindley Group launches new division and website

Football stadia caterer The Lindley Group has launched a new division and a new website as it aims to consolidate the company’s core business and drive expansion into other key sectors of the leisure industry.

The company has created Lindley Heritage and merged Lindley Stadia and Lindley Dining to create Lindley Venue Catering.

CEO Adam Elliot said: "Over the past decade, the Lindley Group has been steadily building recognition for its excellence in the hospitality and fine dining market.  Some £15 million of the Group’s £50-million-plus turnover is now generated from non-matchday conference and banqueting sales."

The formation of Lindley Venue Catering brings together the public sector catering and corporate hospitality divisions to operate as one single unit with a focus on continuing to grow Lindley’s core sports stadia catering business which includes a number of football clubs.

Newly formed Lindley Heritage will concentrate on establishing the Lindley name into new areas and carving out a reputation for providing a bespoke, high-quality service for heritage sites, arts & leisure venues and other prestige hospitality sectors.

Elliot said that the new division and website are the first step in widening perceoption about the company.

"The fact that it has a proven track record in delivering award-winning, high quality fine dining along with excellent hospitality and event management often gets overlooked as the company originally built its reputation on its expertise in providing fast, efficient and profitable high volume catering services on the public concourse and retains a high profile in this area," Elliot said.    

He continued: "One of my key objectives in taking the business forward is to break through those perception barriers and get clients and potential clients to see beyond this.

"The business has the creative potential, skill set, commitment, business acumen and infrastructure to offer and deliver so much more, and the new structure and website are the first steps in communicating that message and encouraging people to think about Lindley in a broader perspective."

New logos have been created for the two newly-named divisions as well as the Lindley Group, and a new Lindley Group strapline – ‘The Hallmark of Catering Excellence’ along with the new website which can be viewed at www.lindley-catering.co.uk.   

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