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City to stay at current stadium

Norwich City Football Club would look to expand current home Carrow Road instead of developing a new stadium, according to chief executive David McNally.

The Canaries, currently in the npower Championship, have had high crowds throughout the season and it was thought the club would consider a move to build a new stadium.  

But chief executive David McNally said Carrow Road was ideally located for the club.  

"This [Carrow Road] is our home and it is pretty sacred to most supporters so it would have to be a significant development for us to leave here. So I can’t envisage that," McNally said.

"Where else can you be five minutes away from a beautiful railway station? Where else is a football club situated, even if you walk slowly, 10 minutes away from the city centre?"

But McNally added that the club was unlikely to consider any expansion to the ground until it had the financial benefits from being in the Barclays Premier League.

"We’ve said that we wouldn’t come up with any significant schemes until such times that we had played two years back to back in the Premier League.  That would give us some financial security and on whoever’s finances you look at, a new stand costs in the region of £2,000 to £3,000 per seat, so it would cost us millions for us to develop the City Stand in the way that we would like," he said.

"I think we can get to 35,000 eventually but the thing that would hold us back is the capital investment that you would need to get there, with the City Stand development being up to £20m so it would be wrong to go ahead with that in the short term.

"If we can get 35,000 seats into Carrow Road then we can become a self-sustainable Premier League football club."


Scott Hobro

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