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Argyle fans' trust expresses concerns over takeover reports

A Plymouth Argyle fans’ trust has expressed concern over reports linking Truro City chairman Kevin Heaney with a takeover for the football club.

A statement issued by The Interim Steering Committee (ISC) of the Argyle Fans' Trust is worried with reports questioning Heaney’s motivations for acquiring the npower League One side despite Heaney distancing himself from any potential takeover last week.

The statement read:  "The Interim Steering Committee (ISC) of the Argyle Fans' Trust notes with some alarm that the reported principal bidder for Plymouth Argyle Football Club, Kevin Heaney, who is backed, apparently, by money from Japan, has property speculation underpinning his attempt to secure a 'preferred bidder' status and a period of exclusivity with the administrator, Brendan Guilfoyle.

"The Trust is gravely concerned that Argyle may ultimately, once again, be owned by individuals who may not have the best interests of the football club and its supporters at their heart.

"Instead, the Trust much prefers an approach where the new owner of the club works hand in hand with the City Council and the supporters, through the Trust, to rebuild Plymouth Argyle on a sustainable footing. This, of course, may involve an acceptable level of development in line with the council's aspirations for the site and the immediate surrounding area but which ultimately allows Argyle to be run properly as a competitive football club that can once again rise up the Football League."

Last week takeover discussions for Argyle were hit by a disagreement over the valuation of Home Pak with Mastpoint although the company has re-entered negotiations with the interested party.


Scott Hobro

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