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What is the true cost of having key players unavailable for selection?

Physiological Measurements Ltd targets a fitter squad and reduced injuries for your football club.

With published medical research suggesting professional footballers average two injuries a season with a total of 37 days out of action the true cost of an injured player can often cost a club millions of pounds. In any other business, the total of days a player is unable to work would be deemed unacceptable.

Physiological Measurements Ltd understands that football is unlike any other business but at the same time aims to provide a competitive advantage to football clubs by mitigating this risk. The Shropshire based business have been at the forefront of sports science for a number of years and are recognised as the FA’s preferred provider of cardiology screening.

Physiological Measurements Ltd were keynote speakers at Football Trade Directory’s recent Open Day at Birmingham City Football Club where they talked at length about their 3D motion analysis service.

The Football Association’s recent audit of injuries revealed that 58% of injuries received were non-contact, which should come as no surprise when we are constantly hearing about ‘tight’ or ‘weak’  hamstrings, ‘glutes’ ‘scar’ tissue etc. Evidence suggests that a history of previous injury is the single most consistent and reliable predictor of re-injury and whereas previously it has been accepted that there has been no other option than to accept this risk, Physiological Measurements Ltd’s technology now makes it possible to partly mitigate this risk.

Similar technology has already been implemented at some of the world’s biggest football clubs, including AC Milan, Real Madrid, and Juventus and this affordable screening process is now available to all football clubs.

The benefits of a squad with using an injury prevention strategy such as the one developed by PML can be measured on so many levels:

- Reduced injury rates
- Increased wellness
- Reduced injury severity
- Reduced injury re-occurrence
- Increased performance
- Better use of resources freeing up time for players to prehab rather than rehab
- Financial benefits and efficiencies
- More players available for training and selection

If you club would like to discuss the service please contact Jon Pither on 0870 246 1888 or www.­pmlthelab.­com, email j.pither@pml.tel.

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