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SFA set to vote on 'most significant changes' in history at AGM

Scottish Football Association chief executive Stewart Regan is urging its FA members to vote in favour of a series of reforms at its annual general meeting on Wednesday.

A 75% majority is needed to in order for the historic changes to go through which includes reducing the SFA board from 11 to 7 members and incorporating an independent board member.

In addition two new boards under the main board would be created, The Articles of Association and disciplinary procedures rewritten as well as the committee structure being collapsed to be replaced by an audit committee which will ensure ‘best practice’ according to the SFA.

Commenting on the potential changes, Regan told the official SFA site: "If voted through, this will be the most significant changes in the 138-year history of the Scottish FA.

"We’ve travelled thousands of miles in the past few months, up to Lossiemouth and Inverness, and down to Annan, across to Fife and Stirling and all over the place, to make sure all our members are aware of the significance of these changes.
"I think the past season has reaffirmed the need to change and to modernise in line with good business practice and I would hope the majority of the members share this vision."


Scott Hobro

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