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Manchester City get £1m cash injection

Football News 24/7

Chadderton based football club retailer Kitbag, has invested £1m in overhauling Manchester City FC's club store.

The enlarged and revamped CityStore will re-open on Thursday next to the Stadium and will be the most digitally-advanced football retail store in the country.

The shop will be 25% larger (10,000 sq ft) and will include the latest Green Screen technology to incease interaction with fans.

A new personalisation service will also allow fans to print their own image onto official Manchester City merchandise such as mugs, t-shirt, mouse mat or a range of other products.

The new system allows fans the opportunity to be pictured in a variety of settings eg lifting the FA Cup and the imagery can be constantly changed and updated each time to provide a new experience when fans next visit the store.

Kitbag MD Ray Evans said: “The new CityStore that we opened on Market Street last year has been a massive hit with fans and so we wanted to build on that and offer supporters something more with the CityStore at the stadium."

George Moss

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