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Manchester City deal likely to be subject to UEFA fair play rules

What is the market rate for a sponsorship deal? Well it's as much as you can get as the bar continues to be raised as Manchester City massive £400m deal to rename Eastlands last week to the Etihad Stadium shows.

Every sponsorship deal is unique and like every business project should, given the assumptions used e.g. Champion League Football provide a return on investment. UEFA will no doubt rule if this so but the bottom line is that increased sales have to be the key driver as the Budweiser’s deal with the FA proves.

The Manchester city project also involves improving transport infrastructure, retail and sports education in the Greater Manchester area to create a vibrant entrepreneurial hub to the east of the city.

UEFA will know what a kit deal should mean to a team capable of winning the Premier League or Champions League and there are specialist’s organisations such as Kantar Sports who can help.

Manchester City's £400m, 10-year sponsorship arrangement with Etihad Airways, will be scrutinised to see if financial fair play rules have been contravened. Clearly, there are examples of major clubs in Europe such as Manchester United or Real Madrid as guidelines. One thing for sure Manchester City will have many clubs crying "foul"

George Moss

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