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FC United take ethical stance on new principal sponsor

FC United of Manchester have announced that mobile location services firm mxData will be the club's new principal sponsor, however the company's name will not be appearing on the club's shirts.

The club which was set-up and is run by disillusioned Manchester United fans has a strict constitution when it comes to commercial deals and look to have found synergy with mxData and their own ethos.

"I didn’t want to go down the normal sponsorship route of corporate facilities, or put our logo all over a club’s identity.  I wanted something more meaningful than that," said David James, the chief executive and founder of the mobile location services firm said on how-do.co.uk.
"I’ve long been keen to find and support a cause that offers a genuine community benefit the entire company can adopt and get behind – offering practical help and benefits as well as financial support.

"And when they told me I couldn’t have the mxData logo on the team shirt because of the club’s constitution, I decided they were the perfect fit."

FC United are seen as a flagship club for many in grass roots football and last week launched their 'punk finance' concept with law firm Cobbetts.

General manager Andy Walsh explained that the funding from mxData's sponsorship will enable the club to do more work in the community and help with applications for grants and further funding.

He said: "We’re not against sponsorship if it’s a sensible arrangement and used for the benefit of the club and its supporters.

"What we are against is putting commercial interests before those of the club, and we always want to work with organisations who understand this."

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