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Are clubs marketing to fans effectively?

A Football Association study has revealed to what extent Premier League football clubs are going to engage with their fans via digital marketing communications.

The FA Email Marketing Study revealed that the average club retains a database of 360,000 email addresses, the sector’s monthly contact rate of 4.9 is double that of typical B2C brands, and 42pc of clubs’ marketers plan to increase their email marketing over the coming year.

The study, which was carried out by the Direct Marketing Association investigated how clubs in England's top flight are using digital marketing to reinforce fan loyalty, increase revenue from branded merchandise and provide platforms for sponsors to engage with their fans bases.

The DMA found that the majority of the 13 clubs surveyed rated mobile SMS and social media marketing as more important to them than email marketing.

Football Trade Directory already utilises direct email marketing to target football clubs at all levels of the game, providing football related businesses a direct route to the heart of the key decision makers at football clubs.

Speaking about the FA study, FTD's commercial director John Booth said: "Due to the unique nature of the relationship between a football club and their fans, who of course are their key customers, I suspect that many clubs don't utlilise the full range of digital marketing solutions at their disposal.

"I know of several professional football clubs who are paying for expensive CRM systems without actually understanding how to put that system to work effectively.

"Whilst many fans are devoted and loyal to their clubs, much more can by done by the marketeers at these football clubs to reinforce the relationships between the club and their followers and in turn increase their sales figures on tickets and merchandise."

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