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Devoted fan launches website for his club

Without their devoted followers, where would most Grass Roots club be? But it takes a special sort of fan to actually build a website for their team - but that's exactly what one fans has done.

Life-long Margate supporter Jeff Trice is re-launching his independent website devoted to the history of the club on Friday 1st July. 

Jeff’s previous website ran from October 2001 to January 2011, and having invested many hours over a number of years into researching the club’s history, he has decided to re-launch the site with a new look and new name, after a six month break.

The new site can be found at www.­marga­tef­chis­tory.­com and its introduction once again puts Margate FC in the unique position of being the only Kent non-league club to have a separate website devoted solely to the long term history of the club. 

Commenting on the impending launch of the new site Jeff said: “I didn’t realise how strongly some people felt about the old website until it closed in January.

“The re-launch of the site is a testament to the power of public demand!”  

For many of the players featured, Jeff’s site is the only place on the internet that records details of their football careers.

“It’s good to be back online, and to expand Margate FC’s presence on the worldwide web,” he said.


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