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Court of Appeal Judge questions Rooney's commercial commitments

Wayne Rooney is the subject of an appeal in the high courts this week as a 'tug of war between Proactive and Mr [Paul] Stretford over the right to represent Wayne Rooney' is heard.

The dispute concerns Rooney's decision to leave Proactive in 2008, the Manchester United striker had been with the sports management firm since 2002 but when Paul Stretford decided to leave Proactive in 2008, he took his biggest client with him.

Proactive argue that they are owed 20 per cent on all the deals negotiated by Stretford for Rooney whilst the pair were still with Proactive, a figure estimated to be in the region of £4m.

When the case first went to court a year ago, Rooney and his wife Coleen were ordered to pay a sum totalling just short of £100k. Proactive appealed that decision and this week the court heard a long list of Rooney's commercial obligations from Proactive's Barrister, Christopher Jeans QC. It was a list so long that Lord Justice Sullivan openly questioned Rooney's ability to play football!

"It's a wonder he's got time to play football, he's making so many personal appearances! For Nike, for Coca-Cola... It's a wonder he's got time to practice."

Jeans' response suggested that Rooney had more than enough time to meet all these lucrative commitments: "Bearing in mind footballers train in the morning only, it's not what the man in the street would consider an onerous obligation."

The case continues.

Matt Morris

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