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Sunderland appoint Miliband as vice chairman

Sunderland Football Club has appointed MP David Miliband as non-executive vice chairman of the club.

Miliband, MP for South Shields, has will help shape the Barclay’s Premier League club’s strategy and promote Sunderland’s international and community affairs as well as attending board meetings.

Sunderland chairman Niall Quinn said: "Adding David to our board in a non-executive capacity provides us with someone who possesses a different spectrum in envisaging how the club can grow. As a former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs with worldwide knowledge and links, he can also help us become better known around the world as we look to grow and develop the club on an international stage.

"His unique skills will certainly complement our highly talented existing board members whose areas of expertise include marketing and commercial, legal and finance."

Former Foreign Secretary Miliband added: "Sunderland is a football club with enormous ambition and tremendous history. Niall Quinn's leadership has brought the club into a new era, an era where international recognition is deserved.

"As non-executive vice chairman I hope to support the club's ambitions in both the community, through the academy and its foundation, and on the international playing field, where Sunderland now belongs."

Miliband ran for the Labour Party leadership last year but was defeated by brother Ed Miliband. 


Scott Hobro

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