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Stanley estimate income loss at £100,000

Accrington Stanley Football Club has suffered a £100,000 blow to its income due to a number of home fixture postponements and the club’s main sponsor suffering financial problems.

The club also confirmed that it has updated its company books which had shown that former chairman Eric Whalley was the majority shareholder of ASFC Ltd, which the club stated was ‘incorrect’ and had been for some time.

The announcements came from a board meeting in London which was set to address ownership issues as well as updating the company’s books.  Peter Shaw, the chair of the Accrington Stanley Supporters Fund and recently appointed director, was also in attendance.

The statement went onto say: "Two events have led to the club’s financial status becoming unsettled.

"Firstly the unexpected and sad demise of the shirt sponsor, and secondly the postponement of a number of home games. This has reduced income by something in the region of £100,000. The directors are currently considering a number of options and a further update will be provided in due course.

"Further updates will be provided to all shareholders and to the Football League in due course."


Scott Hobro

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