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One happy client is @Futsal:

@Futsal Ltd have now opened three @Futsal 5-aside indoor football arenas – Swindon, Cardiff and Birmingham. Birmingham is the most recently opened and is the largest Futsal indoor arena In Europe with 9 indoor pitches and an additional small one for warm-up­/practice. @Futsal  plan to open two more this year, the first of these being in Manchester. 

Futsal is the only form of indoor 5-a- side football officially recognised by FIFA . The game is played between two teams of five players, with each squad comprising of up to 12 players. Substitutes can be made on a ‘rolling’ basis, and as in normal 11 a-side football, playing arena boundaries are marked with lines and not walls or boards. The ball can be kicked above head height with goals being a similar size to hockey goals. Corners can be taken and throw-ins are replaced by kick-ins from touch lines, both of which must be taken within four seconds. The ball is a regulation size 4 ball but with a reduced bounce, encouraging good control and technique.

The @Futsal arenas provides families and players of all ages, levels and genders with state-of-the art playing facilities.  The management at each arena runs adult and youth @Futsal [5-a-side] leagues every night of the week, a national education scholarship programme for 16-19 year olds and exciting competitions and tournaments.  Each of the Arenas is providing facilities for circa 1000 football players each week!!

Huck Nets manufacture, supply and install  the specialist indoor netting systems for @Futsal, this includes not only the provision of  floor to ceiling netting but the tracking, the tension wire system,  etc.: 

Said Lee Baker,National Infrastructure Manager, @Futsal

“ When embarking on an ambitious project such as this it is important to find suppliers who are experts in their fields and who can be trusted to deliver what is needed – when needed.  Huck Nets are responsible for kitting out our arenas with the specialist indoor netting, a crucial part of each Arena as it is netting that divides the pitches and also protects the spectators…  Huck also provide us with football goal nets.   The advice, support and service given by Huck Nets is excellent..in fact I cannot remember having one problem with their installation at Birmingham.. !

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