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Winter World Cup is an option says Platini

Football News 24/7
UEFA president Michel Platini was in Qatar last week and speaking at a celebration to mark the one year anniversary of the Arab state being awarded the World Cup, he hinted that a Wintere event was not out of the question.

Speaking on Friday Platini confirmed that he voted for the bid and said matches played in the searing heat of a Middle Eastern summer would be unfair on both players and spectators. “We have to think about everybody, what would be better for the World Cup in Qatar,” the FIFA executive committee member told Al-Jazeera. “How you can bring the people and say you will go in June (to) Qatar when it’s 50 degrees? The people, they come (for) three weeks or two weeks with 60 degrees, they (would) never go outside the hotel. It (is) not correct.”

Platini added: “I think we have to adapt (to) when the best moment is and where is the best moment to play this World Cup in Qatar.”

With over 10 years to the event a lot of water can pass under the bridge, but such a move would have to be approved by UEFA, who would have to re schedule their European Club competitions, as well as the leading countries like England, Spain, Germany and Italy who would all have to move their league programmes around.

The other unknown of course - is just where the various leagues and European club competitions will be by then. Ten years is a long time in football.

Perhaps this move is an admission that Qatar may not have been the best choice from a climatic standpoint after all.


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