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Who is Fiona Martin as BBC to axe Football League Show?


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It seems almost certain that the BBC is set to axe the popular Football League Show as the corporation has to meet 15% cuts in its budget. Despite its late hour the show regualrly attracts over a million viewers which is more than Sky get for some live games. Warning bells were sounded very loudly when the show wasn't aired after MOD on Boxing Day and an 'insider' seems to have told every national daily: 'This will be the last season the BBC broadcasts the Football League Show. It is coming to the end of a three year contract and it will not be renewed.'

Presenter Manish Bhasin said that the programme didn't air on Boxing Day due to a 'budget decision' and also said that he shared the frustration of viewers. On the future of the Football League Show, Bhasin told his Twitter followers: 'Not sure where these rumours have come from but the FLS has NOT been scrapped! It's on til May and who knows maybe even longer....but.'

But here's the interesting part, despite the millions of fans out there both the Mail on Line and the Daily Mirror reported the same comment from the same fans -.come on surely these illustrious journals can at least ask different people!

According to both The mail and the Mirror, fan Fiona Martin said on Twitter: 'The BBC can't afford to have the football league show, but they can pay Alan Hansen 40k a week!' And Christopher Clark wrote: 'If the BBC didn't pay millionaire Shearer so much maybe the budget would stretch?'

The next edition of the Football League show is not until January 14. The corporation's contract with the Football League does not cover every game and a decision was made to broadcast an extra show at Easter, when relegation and promotion deciders are likely to be played, instead of covering games over the festive period.

Speculation will now be fuelled that Match of the Day, which is up for tender next year, will also be scrapped. With a much larger audience and the only real Free to Air apportunity for many people to see Premier League football a bigger backlash might be expected.

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