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Was Kenny Dalglish badly advised as race row rumbles on?

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It's been a strange week for the Premier League's bosses with and one manager - Blackburns' Steve Kean coming out of it as a dignified man who keeps a cool head despite unequalled levels of abuse and another Kenny Dalglish probably wishing he had waited for the FA's written report before the mid-week T Shirt show at Wigan.

Anyone who was at the Blackburn v Bolton game will have come away feeling uneasy about the level of verbal abuste Kean received from his own supporters. More so because the official supporter channnels had declared a truce for the sake of the team. There's no doubt, (we were at the game) the fans dersion also impacted on the team. You could almost feel their fear..

The protests have continued unabated, with a section of supporters berating Kean from outside the training ground on Friday. Whether Kean used his own common sense or at the direction of his board or media team his decicison to avoid a confrontation with those fans seems a sensible one. A chat with Kean is hardly going to change their opinion given the vitriol with which they have hounded him in recent weeks.

Virtually every Premier League manager has come out to publicly support Kean this week, including David Moyes and Tony Pulis who both left Ewood early in disgust on Monday night along with Sir Alex Ferguson who applauded Kean in his press conference on Thursday for the manner in which kean has conducted himself.

The merits of Kean footballing wise ultimately rests with the owners of Blackburn Rovers - that is the case at any other club. The fans have a part to play - of course they do - but in Rovers case there is a growing belief in football that they have crossed the line of what is fair and reasonable and Kean's stock is rising as a result.

That can't be said about Liverpool who may well yet regret the show of support from Suarez before the Wigan game earlier in the week, when Dalglish and the players all wore 'Suarez T Shirts' in support of the Uraguayan.

The act has been criticised in many quarters outside Merseyside as not only undermining the FA's decision to hand Suaraez an eight match ban, but to question the decision before the full report of the hearing was made public.

Whatever the whys and wherefore's of Uruguayan culture - this is England not Uraguay - and if what Suarez said is racist in the UK then the club are doing football a diservice. They may well yet find themselves under more scrutiny for the T Shirt episode, and whoever advised Dalglish that wearing those T shirts was an acceptable act of comradeship needs to question why?


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