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Tyneside club announce major deal

Football News 24/7
Northern League club South Shields has after months of searching announced a new main sponsor- Complete Sports Academy. And with continuing doubts lingering over the potential sale of Filtrona Park, the Mariners are delighted to have secured a deal.

Chairman Gary Crutwell said: “The deal is a potential three-year tie-up which brings a number of benefits to the club.

“With some uncertainty over the future of the ground, the financial support provided by Complete Sports Academy is very welcome by the club, and there will also be a number of other benefits provided by the Complete Sports Academy.”

The South Shields-based academy is run by coach Phil Catley and former Mariners striker Paul Thompson, and provides football training camps and coaching courses for youngsters in the borough, as well as other sports.

Crutwell added: “Phil Catley and his team will also be providing coaching and technical advice for the South Shields Junior football teams, as well as providing financial support for the club.

“South Shields FC have already been working with Phil, who is the chairman of the junior teams, and all of these have done very well this year, with a number of teams winning their divisions and championships.

“Our aim is to build a wide-based community football club, with a number of junior teams providing and feeding in players at all levels for our club, and we aim to develop a bottom-up community football club with competitive teams at all ages and levels.”

Catley, a partner in the Complete Sports Academy, said: “I admire very much what South Shields Football Club are trying to do within the community, and being a long-term coach of successful junior teams I wanted to contribute financially to the club in these uncertain times, as well as providing the coaching advice.

“Football, for both boys and girls, is a great way for kids to stay healthy, develop good team spirit and, of course, have fun.

“All of the South Shields junior football club teams have been achieving this, and we hope to build a successful football club from the juniors upwards.

“We provide coaching advice and technical support to schools, run camps in the holidays and soccer-based birthday parties, as well as those involving sports other than just football.”


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