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The next Premier League manager to be sacked

Steve Kean is the latest manager that has been put under tremendous pressure by the Blackburn fans who have been condemned by the football world for the manner in which they have attacked the dignified Scot.

Sunderland's Steve Bruce is the only Premier League manager casuality since the season started but such is the pressure on Chairmen to stay in the league the League Manager's Association boss Richard Bevan felt he needed to speak out.

"Time, sadly, is not a commodity afforded to managers," he said.

"Certainly it is understandable at times that chairmen have been spooked by results, empty seats or fans' pressure. But stability is imperative to deliver results.

"Instability at clubs can cause very real damage to the wider good of the game."

Bevan said that the LMA constantly highlights the benifits of continuity football management.

He added: "Simply dismissing a manager after a poor run is detrimental not only to the club but to the game itself.

"The LMA is working hard to change football's mindset, working on the recruitment process of managers and ensuring that the clubs and managers set realistic goals and aspirations."


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