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Frank Lampard's goal boosts new technology

The World Cup is the show piece for the football world and in the 2010 finals we saw a high-profile example of a ‘phantom goal’ as England midfielder Frank Lampard saw an effort ruled out despite the TV showing the ball having clearly crossed the line in the quarter finals in which Germany went on to win 4-1.

Early exit of star players from the competition is a nightmare for sponsors and FIFA have decided to act.

Sepp Blatter, speaking to Spanish sports newspaper El Mundo Deportivo, has stated that FIFA has narrowed down its options from the nine systems that are bidding to introduce technology into the game.

“Brazil 2014 will have technology to avoid phantom goals,” said Blatter, in a brief online extract of the interview, which will be published in full today. “FIFA has two good systems that meet all the demands we set: reliability, immediacy and not being difficult to use.”

The goal-line technology systems are currently being tested by an independent authority appointed by FIFA, with a final decision expected by July 2012.


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