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Article causes a stir north of the border

Football News 24/7
The article - published on FTD on Friday 9 Dec, 'Fans stay away from Scottish games due to sectarianism' has caused something of a backlash some Scottish fans if the 'Disqus' board is anything to go by.

Whilst some of the anger seems directed at FTD, we would like to point out that we were simply reporting comments made earlier North of the border by former First Minister Henry McLeish who wrote the SFA-commissioned report into the state of the game's now backing Alex Salmond's plan to make sectarian chanting at football grounds a criminal offence.

The majority of the article outlined Mcleish's view and at no point was that view endorsed or otherwise by FTD - it was a piece of neutral reporting. Don't shoot the messenger!

From the responses what is clear, if they are in fact represnetative, is that fans don't subscribe to the view that sectarianism is the problem the politicians believe it to be. But then again, are politicians ever going to get up and admit the state of the economy is as much to blame for dwindling support as other factors?

For example here are some of the comments:

'Dont talk rubbish..Fans are staying away from Scottish football because its overpriced and no-one has the money anymore  FACT '

'Why include the word Sectarianism in relation to both charges levelled at Celtic Fans and where is the evidence that Fans stay away from games because of this ? '

'What drivel, I have supported Celtic for 50 years and as a protestant I have never had a single problem from any Celtic Supporter.  Celtic are a club for all regardless of religion, race or colour.'

And the comments keep on coming. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this issue, whenever politicians try and involve themselves in football it causes a reaction.


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