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Wrexham Supporter’s Trust is not new as Manchester United fans show

Club ownership by Supporter Trust is not new even the fans of clubs like Manchester United, one of the richest clubs in the world,  have looked at the viability in the past but it does have its downsides when trying to secure much needed funding for clubs. All supporters will dip into their pocket to save their beloved club but continued progression is difficult unless you have a millionaire in your trust. Management by consensus also has its difficulties as you cannot please all supporters.

It not's so long ago that Wrexham Football Club faced going out of business due to £200,000 tax bill when Dr John Mare, former North Wales MP, who earlier this year played a key role in helping the club negotiate with the taxman, urged the Wrexham Supporters Trust to either buy the club or stand aside.

The trust meets on Wednesday to vote on its planned take-over of the North Wales Conference club after four months of negotiations with owners Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts.Marek commented: “The trust have done their due diligence and the people who have done 
it are recommending they accept a proposal to buy.

A stumbling block is that it was forecast that the Trust would lose £720,000 in its first 11 months of trading based on home gates of 3,000 supporters however it is understood the trust would get the club debt free if it completes its takeover on Wednesday – aside from the £200,000 that was raised to settle the tax bill.

George Moss

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