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We won't be rushed says Liverpool chief

Liverpool's Managing Director, Ian Ayre, has said that the club won't be rushed into making a decison on their stadium, despite Government ministers suggesting that they are delaying potential redevelopment of the Anfield area.

Ayre was speaking after Housing Minister Grant Shapps suggested Liverpool were scoring an 'own goal' in delaying their decision and preventing the local area around the club's current home from being developed.

Liverpool have until the end of September to make a decision on whether or not they plan to take up the planning rights on Stanley Park but Ayre insists that despite government criticism they won't be rushed into any decision.

The area around Anfield has been in need of regeneration for several decades, but local councils and MP's have unwittingly pointed the finger at the Premier League club suggesting that their presence in the area has somehow delayed this much needed regeneration from taking place, much to Ayre's consternation: "It is extremely disappointing that Mr Shapps should publicly point the finger at Liverpool FC and claim that they alone are delaying the regeneration of the local area.

"A considerable amount of work continues to identify the right solution to the stadium question. However, this is not a decision that can be made swiftly, it will be made at the right speed that gives the correct solution for Liverpool FC in the long term interests of its fans.

"Mr Shapps should understand the complexity of that process. He would be better off upping his own game rather than telling us how we might improve ours."

Matt Morris


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