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There's Oil In Them There Hills


Football News 24/7
Abingdon United - of the Evostik Southern League have struck Oil literally with a major deal, with  American oil company Armadillo Energy Inc. The American giants have chosen to sponsor Abingdon as their primary English football club. The Oklahoma based company are not only sponsoring an initial cash injection of some thousands of pounds, but also want to support the club on the business side as well. This support will involve Armadillo Energy sharing their financial and commercial skills to support Abingdon United in generating more income than the initial financial package itself, as well as helping develop the commercial aspects of the club.

Becoming club sponsors means not only having their logo (the famous nodding donkey oil derrick) on the shirts but the North Court ground will be renamed the Armadillo Energy Stadium. The deal was negotiated with regional executive Will O’Keeffe of Armadillo who lives nearby and was agreed and personally signed off by the CEO.

If all goes according to plan it is hoped that the initial sponsorship will be extended to a full three years.

Armadillo’s local spokesman commented, “Helping players and the club fulfil their true potential on the field and in the local community by giving Abingdon United a secure financial base is what this deal is all about”.



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