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Short Statement Ends Seven Year Rift Between BBC and Sir Alex

Football News 24/7
In a joint statement between Sir Alex Ferguson and BBC Director General, Mark Thompson,  the Manchester United Manager has lifted a 7 year ban on BBC interviews.

The statements which only contains less than 50 words is matter of fact. It avoids any referrence to the original cause nor does it contain any hint of apology or concilation fro ether party.

 "The issues have been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

"Sir Alex will now make himself available to the BBC for Match of the Day, Radio 5 live and other outlets as agreed.

"No further comment will be made by either party on this issue."

The Row, which was sparked in May 2004, happened when Sir Alex Ferguson’s son, Jason – a football agent - was the centre of a BBC3 documentary about transfer bungs.

Sir Alex Ferguson was furious at the allegations and investigations behind his son and vowed never to speak to the BBC again.  For the Start of Last Season, the Premier League told Sir Alex that he had to speak to all broadcasters or face fines.  Ferguson continued to refuse speaking to the BBC, with Mike Phellan his assistant, talking to the corporation. As a result the Manchester United manager totalled up an end of season £65,000 fine.

The decision is long over due and has to be in the interest of fans world wide.


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