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Rigby Taylor provide treat for turf professionals at IOG Saltex

Turf professionals can expect a series of ‘seed and soil’ educational treats at this year’s IOG SALTEX (on Thursday September 8) with focused presentations as part of the ‘All Things Turf’ free seminars being staged in The Grandstand at Windsor Racecourse.

Steve Denton, Rigby Taylor’s Grass Seed Development Manager, will discuss ‘Cultivar engineering’ new seed mixes for intensive winter use where slow growth and low light conditions affect sports pitch management, and DLF Trifolium’s Amenity Sales Manager Derek Smith will present ‘The ryegrass revolution!’. STRI’s Steve Gingell will then discuss ‘Soil profiles and their effect on sports turf performance’.

Steve Denton will explain how, in recent years, major advances have been made in the breeding and understanding of grass species to achieve denser sward coverage with less maintenance inputs - resulting in grass mixes that can significantly improve the overall appearance of turf surfaces and its environmental impact.

The work undertaken at Top Green’s grass seed research stations at Les Alleudes in France and, associated centres throughout Europe, has provided data on carbon lockup in grass plant roots; oxygen production from sward areas, clipping volumes and associated costs. For each of these topics, selecting different grass species and even cultivars within species has a major impact on the overall effect of the final sward.

Steve’s presentation will discuss how the greatest amount of carbon lock up takes place in the root system of a grass plant which accounts for approx 70 per cent of the total plant mass. According to recent research (Rumore, Sulzman & Young) “an area of grassland 10 m x 10 m has the potential of absorbing 11 kilos of carbon dioxide per annum”.

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