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Move To Manchester Hits Snags

Football News 24/7
The National Football Museum closed its doors at Preston's Deepdale Stadium well over 12 months ago, but the planned re-opening in Manchester's Urbis Centre has now been delayed accoding to some.

In response to crticism from some quarters the museum felt compelled to issue a statement this week;

As with all ongoing major projects, timescales are always subject to variation.

'Whereas preliminary material may have stated summer 2011 as the opening date, the museum opening date has been projected as early 2012 for a long time now.

'It would be inaccurate and misleading to characterise the projected opening date as a delay. There is obviously a lot of work going in to preparing for the museum opening and the configuration of the building is part of this.'

The project has hit snags in accomodating the artefacts in the Urbis Centre which has a striking glass architecture, and the logistics of turning Urbis inpo a museum has posed its own issues.

There was an outcry in Preston when the decision to move was originally made which led to people like former Preston Mayor, Bill Tyson resigning from the museum's board of trustees.

Over at Deepdale, the club has yet to find a new use for the space left by the departed museum, although it is understood some artefacts are still in storage there.



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